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Aromatherapy massage promotes relaxation
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Aromatherapy Massage promotes relaxation

What is it?
Aromatherapy massage is a gentle and relaxing massage. It uses essential oils specially selected for your needs. Oil blend is applied to areas of your back, arms, legs and feet.

Who is it for?
Anyone can have it. It helps with illness recovery, sleeping problems, anxiety and stress. People with a range of digestive issues will find this a beneficial treatment.

How long does it take?
It usually takes 45 minutes. However, allow a few minutes extra for consultation time. This is so the therapist can select the  appropriate essential oils needed for the treatment.

How often is it recommended?
Have four treatments one week apart for best results. Every person’s needs vary. So it’s best to have a consultation and discuss what the problem is to determine the best approach.

Who can give aromatherapy treatments?

A qualified aromatherapist is the best person to talk to about aromatherapy treatments. They have been trained with nationally recognised qualifications. This means they understand essential oil safety, including contraindications and precautions for some conditions and pregnancy.

To find out more about this relaxing and gentle treatment, please contact me by the links below.

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