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Aromatherapy massage: Massage using essential oils
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Aromatherapy massage uses selected essential oils to specific areas of the back, arms legs feet head and torso.

Who is it for?

Anyone can have aromatherapy massage, but it’s most useful to help shift energy blockages associated with recent illness, insomnia, anxiety and stress. For example when physical symptoms of constipation and upset stomach, fluid retention and other digestive and emotional un-ease occur, an aromatherapy massage can help relieve the symptoms. Different oils work better on some people. For example, children and the elderly have fragile systems, so using softer, gentler oils is beneficial. On the other hand, some people work well with some oils and not others. It gets down to personal preference.

Examples of therapeutic essential oil combinations in my practice include:

  • frankincense, lavender and mandarin to help with grief, sadness and change;
  • eucalyptus, rosemary and tea tree for colds, chest infection or asthma;
  • clary sage, petitgrain and lemon for uplifting and helping to alleviate stress.

Of course, all combinations are individually blended at each session. No 2 blends will be exactly alike. A qualified aromatherapist will ask specific questions to guide the choice of oils. Also, you will be smelling the oils to make sure you have an affinity with them. Otherwise, it’s a waste of your time and money.

A treatment usually takes 45 minutes but allow a few minutes extra to select the essential oils needed for the treatment.

How often is it recommended?

Have four aromatherapy massage treatments one week apart to gain the greatest effect. in acute situations, 4-5 treatments in one week is also beneficial.

The best thing about having an aromatherapy massage? You smell wonderful afterwards!


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