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Natural Therapies for arthritis
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20 March 2017, by , in Caring Cottage, Comments off

Recently I bumped into a friend who experiences painful symptoms of osteoarthritis. She just told me her doctor wants to screen for other forms of arthritis as well. She said she was interested in exploring natural treatments for arthritis.

During our chat I remembered that I have seen good results with other clients who have arthritis and have used a variety of natural therapies treatments available at Caring Cottage.

I’m sharing this information today so that others can benefit:

Ionic foot detox

Place your feet into a bath of warm water which haionic-foot-detoxs been infused with spa salt and turn on the array – Everyone who gets this treatment feels their sore joints ease. Individual results may vary, but the cost of ionic foot detox is cheap enough to have regularly and certainly has no harmful side-effects when compared with pharmaceuticals.

Relaxation massage

When your arthritic condition is in remission, it’s a good time for regular massage to help keep things supple. It also makes flare-ups less dramatic. One hour massage every 2-4 weeks is good maintenance for people with arthritis.

Lymphatic drainage massage

Lymphatic drainage massage around the affected joint helps to ease away the painful swelling. This makes recovery faster and may even reduce the pain around the joint.



Let’s face it, there are so many pharmaceutical companies out there flogging drugs for chronic illnesses. People with arthritis are in a vulnerable group of people who would sometimes try any snake oil product to help them with their
pain and suffering.

If your practitioner has some training in essential oils therapies (aromatherapy) then they may be able to help you with custom made essential oil blends for your condition. Why custom made? Proprietary –pre-blended oils often have many oils in them which are either not necessary or in fact not recommended for use on the skin. In the wrong hands or on sensitive skin this could spell disaster. It’s much safer to seek the assistance of a qualified aromatherapy practitioner20160925_152852 who can safely dispense oils just for your condition. I make my own balms right here, using quality essential oils sourced from reputable suppliers.

I have 2 recipes for sore muscles    and joints which I use on people. One is a bit pungent, but it works really well. The other balm smells awesome, and also works really well. The pungent one is safe to use on adults, elderly and on dogs. That’s why I use it even though it smells.

So, if you’re interested in exploring some of these natural therapies options for your arthritic condition, give us a bell here at Caring Cottage

Cheers, Kirsty

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muscle balm


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