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Hot Stones Massage: A little luxury in the suburbs north of Brisbane
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Hot Stones Massage – What is it?
A luxurious massage combining warmed basalt stones and oil. This method allows the skin and fascia to warm quickly allowing a deeper massage. The style of massage is like a Hawaiian lomi lomi with long flowing strokes which glide the stones along your body.

Who is it for?
Anyone can have a heated/chilled stones massage unless it’s not advised due to the application of heat. (See your doctor first if you’re thinking of having a massage). Hot Stones is not recommended for the elderly or children.

How long does it take?
Usually a full body treatment takes 1.5 hours, but a shortened version is available if time is an issue.

How often is it recommended?
This is a luxury treatment which most people take for themselves as a treat. However, there is no recommended minimum time between treatments. Hot stones massage is great if you need a deeper massage to help with really tired, sore muscles.