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Lymphatic Drainage Massage Strathpine: Natural treatment for lymphoedema, fluid retention, sluggishness, constipation
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What is it?
Lymphatic drainage is a technique developed in Europe for the assistance of drainage of the lymphatic system. Lymphatic drainage is very gentle working on the lymph nodes just beneath the skin and glands of the main channels. There are lymph channels and glands throughout the body. Usually they work beside the veins. Sometimes the lymphatic vessels get clogged from illness, muscle injuries and other trauma. If you’re tired or stressed, maybe this is just what you need.

Who is it for?
The lymphatic system is the rubbish collector of the body, drawing toxins, wastes and dead cell matter to the excretory systems. Illness, fatigue, dehydration can make it sluggish. Removal of lymphatic nodes by surgical procedure can also slow the drainage of lymph. Lymphatic drainage assists by stimulating the glands and helping the emptying of waste. A good time to have lymphatic drainage is after a chest infection, after surgery, while on detox diets.

How long does it take?
Usually have one hour treatment for back and legs. For a full body lymphatic drainage, allow at least 2 hours.

How often is it recommended?
Between 6-12 weeks is adequate if the person is exercising the affected area gently and drinking plenty of water.