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Remedial Massage
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What is it?
Remedial massage therapy is a structural and postural balancing which incorporates all soft tissues in the body – muscles, ligaments and tendons. It can be a little uncomfortable at times abut it’s not a relaxation treatment – it’s to help you stand up straight and move with ease!

Who is it for?
People who have aches and pains that are not caused by medical conditions are usually experiencing a neuromuscular issue for which remedial massage therapy is most beneficial.

Also sporting injuries, post-surgical stiffness and postural problems caused by desk work and driving. People who have had injuries from sports, gym, posture weakness and trauma. People who busy lives with work and play also benefit from regular remedial massage for maintenance and injury prevention.

How long does it take?
Usually a treatment takes one hour. Sometimes benefits can be realised with shorter treatments especially when working on small areas like shoulders and knees.

How often is it recommended?
Two-to- three treatments one week apart initially then maintenance at two to 6 weeks interval is recommended for optimum neuromuscular health.