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Sore Shoulders
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Sore shoulders – People often come to me with one or more sore shoulders. There are many causes. Let me list a few. I have named the causes by the scenarios.

  • postural sore shoulders
  • labour work sore shoulders
  • desk work sore shoulders
  • sports injury sore shoulders
  • heavy sleeper sore shoulders
  • I just had a baby sore shoulders
  • I just had my second baby sore shoulders
  • traveller’s shoulders
  • driver’s shoulders

Postural Sore Shoulders

Many people have rounded shoulders (Mum: “stand up straight!”) This is because they have a postural imbalance. In time this leads to muscle and ligament problems because the muscles are working in ways they weren’t designed. If you’re having problems standing up straight, or your neck is poking your chin out, you may have a postural problem

Labour Work Sore Shoulders

Picture someone chipping away at a hole in the ground, or chainsaw in hand, trimming a tree. You get the scenario – labour. This is a very common cause of shoulder pain for workers and weekend gardeners.

Desk Work Sore Shoulders

You’ve been sitting in meetings all day. Now you have to return to your desk and write up reports, action tasks arising from the meetings etc… general corporate jargon… By the end of the day, your shoulder is aching and it feels like it is travelling up your neck. Ouch.

Sports Injury Sore Shoulders

On the board at the gym is a list of exercises for you to complete. One of them is push-ups. You get down on the floor, assume the position, and do a couple of push-ups….and that’s it. Your shoulder has flared up to the point that you can barely move without pain. Or you can move it, but it hurts in particular angles.

Heavy Sleeper Sore Shoulders

You snuggled down under the covers and enjoyed a good night’s sleep. The weather has cooled enough to make sleep enjoyable. You woke up this morning with your shoulder crooked and stiff…”Did I sleep wrong on it?”

I  Just Had a Baby Sore Shoulders

It’s a lovely wonderful time of your life – a new little bundle of joy that needs feeding and changing every 2-3 hours. After a few weeks of this, your back, shoulders are sore, burning and stiff. “Why am I so sore?” (It’s because you’re bending over a change table, bending over whilst feeding, crouched up and cuddling a 4kg (and growing) wriggle-weight for up to 10 hours a day.)

I Just Had My Second Baby Sore Shoulders

This one is even more frustrating than the previous one. Little bundle of joy number 2 is arrived safely, and now there’s two little people to care for, carry things for, carry, feed and change. Double the stuff, double the weight-lifting. (I’m serious here – weight-lifting). Burning, sore shoulders, you feel like you are permanently bent over. Will you ever be able to stand up straight again? (Yes) (subsequent pregnancies and child rearing do not become any easier on your body by the way. This applies for every new addition.)

Traveler’s Sore Shoulders

OOH that plan flight from (Hawaii, London, Singapore, wherever) was indeed a long one! I’m so stiff and sore. What’s worse, my shoulders feel permanently hunched! (sound familiar?)

Driver’s Sore Shoulders

So, we decided it would be better to drive up to (Townsville, Cairns wherever) so we could get to see a bit more country side. Wow what a trip! It was amazing! But my shoulders are really stiff and sore from all that driving. (you get the picture).

Treatments for Sore Shoulders at Caring Cottage

remedial massage – if you would like to get in there and get it really rubbed out

orthobionomy – if you are experiencing pain in a place that is too tender to massage

relaxation massage – if your neck pain is more stress related

reflexology – if you need to not be touched at all in the area, there are other options, of which reflexology is one.


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